State representative pushing legislation to crack down on credit card skimming

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Lawmakers are taking steps to crack down on people who use card readers to steal credit card information at gas stations and ATMs.

State Rep. Kristin Phillips-Hill, of York County, said there was recently a rash of credit card skimming and shimming at gas stations up and down the Interstate 83 corridor.

Shimming, which is very similar to skimming, is when your credit card information is stolen from a chip-card.

Currently in Pennsylvania, it is not illegal to possess a skimming or shimming device.

So Phillips-Hill has introduced new legislation that could change that.

"It makes possession a crime. The only reason that you would possess a skimmer or a shimmer is to defraud someone of their money," the state representative said.

Thursday, officials from Governor Tom Wolf's administration and state police representatives will discuss how businesses and consumers can protect themselves from card skimming.