Strasburg man accused of holding knife to wife’s neck, threatening her during assault

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STRASBURG, Lancaster County — A 21-year-old Strasburg man is facing several charges after allegedly holding a knife to his wife’s neck and threatening to kill her during a domestic dispute, according to Strasburg police arrest records.

David Edward Cross, of the first block of West Main Street, is charged with aggravated assault, intimidating a witness, terroristic threats, possessing the instruments of crime, simple assault, and two counts of DUI, according to arrest records.

Police say they were called to an apartment on West Main Street at 9:30 p.m. for the report of a weapons offense in progress. When officers arrived, the victim accused Cross of assaulting her while intoxicated. She said he held a knife to her neck, stating he would kill her, and then himself.  He allegedly threatened to kill her if she attempted to leave the apartment or called police. The victim said she believed him and was in fear for her life.

Cross also allegedly punched the victim three times and pulled her hair. While attempting to locate the keys to his vehicle, he allegedly went to a bed and stabbed it with a knife, saying that he would stab the victim next if she did not give him the keys.

According to police, a neighbor came to the door after hearing the commotion and began arguing with Cross, saying Cross should not mistreat his wife. While they argued, the victim locked herself in the bathroom and called police.

Cross then allegedly left the scene in his vehicle. While police were on the scene, Cross allegedly returned in his 1992 Buick sedan. As police looked on, he allegedly did a “burn out” through a red light and across an intersection, entering the parking lot behind his residence. Police suspected him of being intoxicated, and transported him to the East Lampeter Police Department to administer a breath test. His blood alcohol content was revealed to be .087 percent, police say.

Cross was then arrested.