2 Chambersburg men charged with aggravated assault following confrontation

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CHAMBERSBURG, Franklin County — Two Chambersburg men were charged with aggravated assault following a verbal and physical altercation with another man on the 4600 block of Gultner Road, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

The incident happened at 9:18 p.m. on August 14, police say.

Austin Lee Cunningham, 21, and Justin Michael Kump, 27, were arrested after allegedly confronting an unidentified victim who was trying to tow his truck, which was parked near Cunningham’s property.

During the confrontation, Kump allegedly threatened to use a gun and presented a hammer and knife toward the victim. The victim drove away along Gultner Road, where he stopped to secure the truck to the trailer it was loaded on, police say. Cunningham and Kump allegedly followed in their vehicle, then confronted the victim again. Cunningham allegedly displayed a knife and unsuccessfully attempted to use it against the victim. He also allegedly struck the victim multiple times in the head and face with his fist, causing visible injuries.

Both men were arrested on August 14.

Cunningham was also charged with simple assault and harassment, according to court documents. There were no court documents available for Kump.