Yorkfest Fine Arts Festival brings in 100 artists

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YORK, Pa. -- From pottery to pastel paintings, artists came to the Yorkfest Fine Arts Festival this weekend to showcase their art.

Thousands came out to enjoy the scenery and buy works of art to enjoy at home.

This year, 40 artists showcased their work at Yorkfest for the first time and 60 returned from past years.

Mary Yeaple, the coordinator for York City special events, said, "This is how they make their livelihood. They travel the country going to fine arts shows, and we're happy to have them here."

This year, the Yorkfest Fine Arts Festival had a new attraction, Spin Art Bicycles, where one person has to pedal, and the other gets to paint.

Artists were thrilled to be able to show people what they love to do.

Donna Grande, an artist from Montclair, NJ, said, "Everybody's idea of art is different and sometimes I get to talk to people and I explain to people my process - or my passion."

Grande uses pastels and oils to create her colorful paintings.

Other artists like Georgie Lehoop don't work with a typical paintbrush.

Lehoop said, "If I take drumsticks, dip them into paint, and play on canvas, I can create something."

Polly Stetler of York uses textiles in her art and was selected as the featured artist of the festival.

Stetler said, "I think this is the first time they had a textile artist as the featured artist, so we're really pleased to be able to show something different than the usual painting which is great, and I'm really proud of that fact."

She has attended Yorkfest for many years, but this was her first time showing her work at the festival.

Stetler said, "I think the festival has grown. I think it's doing really well this year. It seems like we've had a lot of people."

Event organizers said they've already had artists ask if they can return to the festival next year. They want to expand on their attractions, like the Spin Art Bicycles, to get even more people to come out.

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