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Conestoga Valley School District raises $8,000 for Hurricane Harvey victims in one day

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EAST LAMPETER TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- School districts in Lancaster County challenge each other to raise money for Hurricane Harvey victims.

One school district raises thousands to help provide relief in Houston, Texas.

In just one day, Conestoga Valley School District was able to raise $8,000 for Houston, Texas. The school was challenged on Twitter by other Lancaster County schools, but the superintendent at Conestoga Valley says it's more than a challenge; it's a part of the culture - caring for neighbors.

Outside the Conestoga Valley High School a sign reads: "September trait: Responsibility" and right now, Dr. Dave Zuilkoski, the superintendent, says it's the school district's responsibility to care for those affected by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas.

"What we do -- we have a commitment to help others," said "Dr. Z."

"Dr. Z" called the district's efforts "a day of giving."

"What we looked at was fundraisers in each of the buildings," he added. 

"It felt good to know we were helping Texas rebuild Houston," said Trevor Forney, a 4th grader. 

"We gave anything extra we had. We really wanted to contribute," said Jozeph Bencosme, a senior. 

Everyone donated what they could. High school students dressed in their best Texas attire, and the elementary kids wore red white & blue.

"It wasn't just dress up or a cowboy hat; there was a purpose behind it," explained Dr. Z. "The values we share in Conestoga Valley & in Lancaster is one of caring. It's how can I help my neighbor? Your neighbor doesn't have to be your next-door neighbor. It could be somebody in Texas… or it could be somebody halfway across the world who needs your help."

Fun clothes for the kids with a great message: compassion for a community in need.

"I think that's an amazing thing - because when you can come together, sure it's not in our community, but together, we need to stand as one in our country," added Bencosme. 

"I know they're going through a hard time with the hurricane," added Forney.

Dr. Z says he's working with other schools in the area to create an adopt-a-school program to further help victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. He says that's what makes Lancaster County stand out - how much people care for others.