Showers off and on Saturday

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After showers off and on Saturday, we'll see sun Sunday afternoon.

WEEKEND WEATHER: On Saturday, we’ll have showers off and on.  It will not be a washout, but when the light rain pops up over you, it will be a nuisance.  There will also be hit and miss showers in State College during Penn State’s football game, which kicks off at noon.  The rain gets steadier overnight Saturday as the final push crosses over us.  After a few morning showers on Sunday between 7 and 10 A.M., the rain ends.  Then, out comes the sun for the afternoon.

Temperatures slowly go up over the next few days.

TEMPERATURE TREND: The clouds and breezes from the east keep us cool on Saturday.  Highs only reach the upper 50s!  On Sunday, thanks to the afternoon sun, we get highs in the mid 70s.  Then, hello 80s!  Enjoy them Monday and Tuesday.  Though, it also gets more humid Monday afternoon, and it stays humid through Wednesday.

We get more humid next week.

MORE RAIN: We’ll have scattered showers and a few thunderstorms on Wednesday.  On Thursday, we’ll have a few showers in the morning, then dry out in the evening.  Next weekend looks sunny.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson