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Three Lancaster County residents facing charges after a search warrant uncovers synthetic cannabinoid dealing operation

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LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa.– Three people are facing charges after a search revealed a synthetic cannabinoid dealing operation.

Caleb Riddlebarger, 25, Anubis Camuy-Aviles, 44, and Karina Cruz,  21, are facing possession with intent to deliver synthetic cannabinoid, possession of drug paraphernalia and other related charges for their roles in the incident.

On September 1, police served a search warrant at a residence in the 300 block of Beaver Street, acting on several neighborhood complaints and officer observations that revealed the residents were selling a large volume of synthetic cannabinoids to numerous people throughout the day and night.

While serving the search warrant, officers found Riddlebarger weighing and packaging the synthetic cannabinoids, and he was immediately arrested.

Police also found two children in the home, Camuy-Aviles’ 14-year-old son and her 3-year-old granddaughter.

Evidence seized from Beaver St. home

Police secured the home, and allowed Camuy-Aviles to leave the home with the children.

The following evidence was seized from the home:

1)  150g bulk synthetic cannabinoids, estimated street value $1,125.00

2)  Nineteen (19) packs of synthetic cannabinoids ranging between 3.5g and 20g sizes, estimated street value $933.75

3)  Fifty-seven (57) pink zip lock baggies of synthetic cannabinoids, estimated street value $300.00

4)  Thirteen (13) cylindrical vials of synthetic cannabinoids, estimated street value $80.00

5)  Sixty (60) square vials of synthetic cannabinoids, estimated street value $270.00

6)  Seven (7) corner tie baggies of synthetic marijuana, estimated street value $25.00

7)  Electronic Incapacitation Device (Stun Gun)

8)  Digital scale

9)  Packaging material (empty zip lock bags, cylinders and vials)

10)  $699.00 in currency, asset seizure

11) Realistic looking pellet gun

After being booked at the police station, Riddlebarger became increasingly violent and unstable, and began pounding on the cell door, jumping on the metal bed and screaming loudly.

When an officer confronted Riddlebarger, he responded by threatening to kill the officer and his entire family.

Riddlebarger was taken to Lancaster County Prison for arraignment.

After placing the children with family members, Camuy-Aviles and Cruz came into the police station, attempting to retrieve belongings that were seized during the execution of the warrant.

Both were arrested, and taken to Lancaster County Prison for arraignment.