‘It’ girls: Lititz teens claim responsibility for creepy balloon prank

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LITITZ, Lancaster County -- The Mystery of the 'It' Balloons in Lititz has apparently been solved.

Earlier this week, Lititz police put up a lighthearted post on Facebook asking that the pranksters who tied red balloons to  sewer grates on Main Street -- an obvious reference to the upcoming movie, "It," which opens Friday, to cease and desist.

Publicity photo courtesy of ItTheMovie.com.

"We give points for creativity," the post read, in part. "However, we want the local prankster to know that we were completely terrified as we removed these balloons from the grates and we respectfully request they do not do that again."

"It," based on the Stephen King novel of the same title, is about a demon that terrorizes children in the form of a clown. The creature often offers children balloons.

It appears that the culprits behind the prank have come forward.

On Tuesday, Lititz teen Peyton Reiff put a post on her Facebook page that read:

Story time:
On the last night of summer my friends and I were driving at night when I spotted a dim lit sewer drain and I stopped the car and told the girls I have an idea. I explained what I wanted to do and all the girls agreed it was a great idea. So we quickly drove to giant to start our scheme. When we arrived at giant we asked them to blow up 24 red balloons. We then shoved these balloons into my friends small car and drove away. Our plan was to tie red balloons to sewer drains around our piers (sic) from school houses to geek them out since the new IT movie is coming out this Friday and we knew kids from our school would know about this! We ended up going back to Giant and getting 10 more red balloons and tying them all over town. When we woke up we saw the Lititz Police had responded to the balloons and were frightened which wasn't our intent but we are glad to see they understood what it meant and got a good laugh out of it! Don't worry no clowns here in Lititz just 5 teenage girls having fun!

Reiff's post includes photos of the girls tying the balloons to the grate.

Well played, girls.

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