Pennsylvania emergency crews head out to prepare for Hurricane Irma

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- After the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma is on its way.

Terry Smith, the incident commander for the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) said, "From what I understand, it's a major storm and there's probably going to be a lot of needs shortly."

Emergency officials headed out of Harrisburg. Ten people from PEMA and the DCNR headed to Fort Dix, New Jersey to operate out of a warehouse to receive and distribute supplies to places affected by Irma.

Smith said, "For me personally it's a privilege for me to be able to help out the folks that are in need."

Some search and rescue teams providing help in Texas are going to head to Alabama to be on standby.

Mike Kern, the chief of Division of Forest Fire Protection for DCNR, said, "A lot of the emergency responders in this country are busy. This year it seems to be happening simultaneously."

From the wildfires out West, to Harvey, to Irma, emergency officials assured they are not stretched too thin.

Jeff Thomas, the Executive Deputy Director for PEMA, said, "I'm confident we have enough people to cover the storm."

Smith said, "Obviously they would do the same for us if the need was here."

Officials if the storm should hit Pennsylvania, you should be ready.

Thomas said, "Now is the time to be talking to your families about being prepared. Having a plan, knowing how to get in touch with folks should you not be able to get to your home. Where you're going to go."

The team will be in New Jersey for up to 14 days.