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Storm aftermath affects York County neighbors and businesses

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YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- People throughout York County were affected by the high winds from Tuesday's storm, in one way or another.

Wednesday, many spent the day after restoring power, removing downed trees, and cleaning up debris.

The storm affected both businesses and neighbors throughout York County.

About a thousand people in central Pennsylvania were without power, but that's not all that some had to deal with during the aftermath.

The storm took a direct hit on one Spring Garden Township house.

The sound that follows Tuesday's storm echoes just some of the damage done.

Cari Elwell said "the tree fell on my house."

Rick Elwell said "we were standing in the living room, and she said it's getting kind of dark out there. It's getting kind of black. So, I came and looked through the window, and you could see the tree coming down."

While over at York County's Pleasant Acres nursing home, the aftermath of the storm was a lot more difficult to see.

Pleasant Acres multi-service general manager Clifford Johnson said "we had flashlights, and luckily we were able to utilize lanterns. So, they were able to give us a little bit more light, and we just did it as a team."

Pleasant Acres director of nursing Brandi Coghill said "my administrator was in her office, at her desk, with a little candlelit lantern trying to work by candlelight. Basically battery-operated candlelight. It was pitch black, and a little eerie."

"The difference in today was having to worry 'how am I going to feed 365 residents as well as keep my staff members of about 50 safe, while preparing meals in the dark," Johnson said.

Being kept in the dark was the least of Coghill's concerns.

"We have residents who are ventilator dependent. They receive breathing support through ventilators, so obviously that was my first concern. They're on back up generator. I know that kicks on immediately and instantaneously, but they're the most critical residents that we have," Coghill said.

Pleasant Acres facilities manager Dave Stambaugh said "when we lose power, this generator comes on and supplies full power to the main building. Then, we have a number of other out buildings, which have other generators that only supply limited power to different buildings."

Without power at Penn State University's York Campus, class was canceled for Wednesday.

Penn State York mechanic Rick Yonek said "Met-Ed told us about 2:00, 2:30. They will get the other leg of electric, than we can get back in the buildings, and find out exactly how much damage has been done inside to the computer boards, air handlers, air conditioning units, and things like that.

With power being restored and spirits lifted, many affected by the storm see brighter days ahead.

"Students should be back tomorrow, but we won't be back 100 percent for a couple weeks," Yonek said.

"Got an email immediately from the administrator. She said let there be light. It was kind of nice to see the lights on in the hallway, and we can actually be functional now, use our computers, and keep on going" Coghill said.

"Everybody is OK, and we're just shaken up," Elwell said.

Despite having a tree fall on their house, Cari and Rick Elwell aren't letting that get them down.