Crews deliver rides to the York Fair

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WEST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Gates open at the York Fair 11 o'clock Friday morning, but there's a lot of work going on at the fairgrounds Thursday afternoon to get everything ready for the crowds.

A favorite section of the York Fair is its rides.

The crews who deliver the rides have already started to put the attractions together.

FOX 43 News caught up with the man behind-the-scenes here to find out how they pull everything together, and keep riders safe.

What looks like parts to a giant erector set become the rides of the York Fair.

Deggeler Attractions general manager Andy Deggeler said "it's pretty similar to moving a small city every ten days. What the public sees is only about half of actually what we move. We have all the infrastructure behind, we have all the living accommodations."

As Deggeler turns the parking lot into a midway, some may wonder just how safe are these rides that are being put together, piece-by-piece.

York Fair sales manager Cody Cashman said "this ride company is very reputable. They do a great job with their safety. It's very very important to them."

"I have two children of my own. Two boys out here that travel with me, and they ride these rides more than anyone else. So obviously, as a father, I am extremely concerned with everything being safe and secure," Deggeler said.

Part of that process includes providing documentation to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture ride inspectors before fairgoers get to go for a spin.

"We also have an inspector out here 24/7 that walks around while we're open, continually checking rides, the securing fence, whatever. Our ride operators also inspect these rides every morning and turn these inspection reports into our on-site inspector," Deggeler said.

Even if rides aren't your thing, the York Fair has several other new attractions this year to take your breath away.

"We have the royal Bengal tigers. We have a high-diving pirate act this year. We also have a wood carver here as well. That's a little bit of new and different, and we have the Chinese acrobats," Cashman said.

Back out on the midway, there's still a lot of work to be done.

"We're always working hard up until the time we open. We have concessions and stuff. Games, food stands will have to go up today and tonight, but we're actually doing pretty good," Deggeler said.

"In 24 hours, all these rides will be inspected and ready to roll," Cashman said.

Gates open to the public Friday, September 8th at 11 am, midway rides open at noon.

Meet members of the FOX 43 News team throughout the fair as it runs through Sunday, September 17th.


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