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Chambersburg Mayor Darren Brown to resign, transition from PA National Guard to United States Air Force

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CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. —┬áChambersburg Mayor Darren Brown has submitted a letter of resignation to the Borough Council, effective with the council’s meeting on Monday, September 11.

Brown — who served a tour in Iraq and Afghanistan as part of the United States Army before joining the Pennsylvania Air National Guard in 2010 — plans to transition to the United States Air Force, meaning he must resign as mayor, the letter states.

The letter of resignation reads, “… I have given it much consideration and decided that I want to live and work as an airman all the time rather than limiting it to one weekend a month. … I have been working with Air Force recruiter and my Air National Guard unit since December in order to achieve numerous required tasks, which finally brought me to official approval on August 28.”

The Borough of Chambersburg release states that “the President of Council will automatically become Acting Mayor pursuant to State law.” The council then has 30 days to appoint an Interim Mayor to complete Brown’s term, ending on December 31, the official release adds.

The November election will select Chambersburg’s new mayor whose term will begin in January.