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Dallastown resident, Mike Jones, announces candidacy for 93rd District Pennsylvania House seat

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YORK COUNTY, Pa.– Mike Jones (R) has announced his candidacy for the 93rd District Pennsylvania House seat currently held by Republican Kristin Phillips-Hill.

Jones, 48, announced his candidacy at Heritage Hills Wednesday night, where more than 125 supporters gathered to celebrate a promise to return to citizen government, including a pledge not to take a government pension or per diems. In addition, Jones underscored his vigorous support for term limits and will refuse personal gifts from lobbyists.

Jones, a lifelong resident of Dallastown, is a fiscal and social conservative.

He served as the president of the St. Onge Company for the past 11 years and traveled to consult many of the world’s leading companies.

Jones is an advocate for a part time legislature, like those employed by most state legislatures today, and noted that Pennsylvania has the second most expensive legislature in the country (slightly lower than California).

Jones said, “Our goal is to eliminate the concept of career politicians and see Pennsylvania return to citizen government, where exceptional, successful leaders step away from their careers in the private sector to serve their state for a limited period and act exclusively in their constituents’ best interests. That’s the way it was always intended to be.”

In addition to advocating for smaller state government, Jones emphasized the need to eliminate school property tax and to enact meaningful pension reform, while honoring our commitments to existing employees and retirees. He said it’s imperative we aggressively cut wasteful government spending and streamline excessive government regulations and permitting, which needlessly cost Pennsylvania tens of thousands of jobs to other, more business-friendly states.

Jones said he will join the fight against the opioid epidemic which has cost the lives of so many young Pennsylvanians and wreaked havoc on their families and loved ones. He also advocates significantly more vocational training and education for young adults so Pennsylvania will continue its proud tradition of developing skilled craftsman, technicians, and mechanics needed to attract high paying manufacturing, construction, and technology jobs.

The Jones for State Rep campaign team assembled in May with an official committee, JonesForPA, formed in early August.  Jones announced that his leadership team is fully staffed, with a growing group of 40 plus active volunteers. The campaign’s Facebook page (Mike Jones for PA) is live and the official website (, will launch next week.