Old and new fan favorites found at York Fair

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WEST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Friday marked the start of the York Fair.

For those who've been many times before, there are a few new attractions to check out.

There are a lot of new shows, and new food items, but there also are somethings that might not be around much longer.

Many have their favorite things to see, do, or eat at the York Fair, but some say the more things change, that some things just aren't quite the same.

Fairgoer Carol Presnell said "I can have Kohr's Orangeade at the fair, except this year. I am sad not to see them here. That was my favorite beverage, this is the replacement, not quite good."

There was a line of people at the York Little Theater, not to see a show, but to grab a bite to eat.

York Little Theater committee member Kathy Davis said "it's a labor of love, but I'm exhausted when it's over. We do enjoy it, we like the product and we raise money for the theater we love, it's all a bonus."

The York Little Theater steak sandwiches have been a staple at the fair for 60 years, but the sizzle could soon fizzle out.

"The committee has decided we can't continue doing it we need some younger help, is what it amounts to," Davis said.

One new showstopper that's taking the fair beyond the animals seen on a farm, are the Bengal tigers.

York Fair sales manager Cody Cashman said "the thought behind this, you know some of these animals as you've heard are going extinct, so we're trying to get them here and we're trying to showcase them a little bit."

It's a little too late to save the dinosaurs, but you can reach out and touch the prehistoric reptiles at a new hands-on experience for little kids, and big kids as well.

Paleontologist Jim Hutching said "we encourage it so they can feel the bones and stuff. They're going to see a large T-Rex skull inside, a velociraptor, a full size velociraptor."

Fairgoer Dan Praydis said "just catches your eye, it's really cool to look at, and it's free, you can't beat free can you?"