Man reports scam after purchasing what he believed to be Microsoft’s virus protection plan for computer

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YORK COUNTY, Pa. — A man reported a scam to Spring Garden Township Police this past weekend.

The complainant told police that he purchased a virus protection plan for his computer from what he believed was Microsoft about two months ago.

Recently, he received a call from a male subject with a middle eastern accent advising him that there was an overcharge on his purchase and the company wanted to refund the difference, the release states. The complainant gave the subject demographic and banking information to make the refund possible.

According to the release, the subject called the man back alleging that the company mistakenly deposited too much money in his checking account for the refund. The subject then told the man the company would have to return the money minus the actual refund.

The complainant then checked his online statement and an overpaid refund/deposit appeared. Suspicious, the man went to his bank and discovered that there was no actual deposit, the release adds.

Police say the subject took control of the man’s computer to make it look like there had been a deposit made to his account.