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Carving Wood Art at the York Fair

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WEST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Paul Waclo of Loganville, York County, has been carving professionally for three years.

He started in 2012 with absolutely no experience, not even knowing how to use a chainsaw.

Paul was watching a T.V. show that caught his interest and decided to go out and buy a chainsaw.

He played around at his house for a year and a half before taking his talents to the next level.

Now, Paul has traveled the world and so has his art.

"My wall carvings I've shipped all over the United States. I actually have one in Germany. So that's one I really like to carve and I think that's important to find something you like to do and just push that," said Paul Walco, owner and carver.

From Bears to Eagles, Paul does it all.

He even carves customize pieces from personalized items, sports logos and even military and police logos.

This unusual style of art you do not see everyday, it takes a steady hand and a good grip to carve the smallest details.

If you would like to catch a glimpse of the action, you can saw your way over to chainsaw carving by Paul everyday at the York Fair.

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