Firefighter’s home destroyed in fire; Dauphin – Middle Paxton Fire Co. raising money to help

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MIDDLE PAXTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A volunteer firefighter and his family in Dauphin County lost almost everything in a house fire.

The fire started in the shed and then spread to firefighter Garry Meredith Jr.'s home on Fishing Creek Valley Road in Middle Paxton Township.

Meredith said, "I've never seen a fire move this fast in my 10-15 years as a volunteer."

He lived there with his family. Everyone was able to get out, and he called for help.

"When my fellow firefighters seen the pager go off and looked at the address, they knew exactly who it was and where it was. And they got here as quick as they could," he said.

He then tried to prevent the fire from spreading.

Michael Fagan, the assistant fire chief for Dauphin - Middle Paxton Fire Company, said, "He was wearing his gear. He said he did attempt to fight the fire the best he could with his garden hose until they lost the power and the well pump stopped working."

Nearly everything inside was lost except one important thing.

Meredith said, "Luckily my fellow firefighters found my mom's ashes and gave them to me, which was a big relief. I was so devastated I couldn't go back in the house and get that."

Now the Dauphin - Middle Paxton Fire Company is raising money to help support Meredith, his father, his sister, her fiance' and her child.

Fagan said, "We go to lots of scenes and we don't ever like to see devastation and lost. It's like he's one of our friends. He's our brother. And seeing him lose everything is tough."

Meredith said, 'It's just overwhelming that everybody is stepping up to the plate and helping out any way they can."

To donate to Meredith and his family's GoFundMe account, click here.

You can also go onto Dauphin - Middle Paxton Fire Company's facebook page, to see how you can help.