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Leola man will serve 3-6 years in prison for high-speed chase, car crash while DUI

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LANCASTER — A Leola man will spend 3 to 6 years in prison and at least nine years on probation for leading police on a high-speed vehicle chase, crashing his car and injuring three people — all while under the influence of alcohol and marijuana.

Alexis M. Felix, 22, pleaded guilty to three counts of vehicular aggravated assault while DUI and related counts stemming from the September 18, 2015 crash in Upper Leacock Township. Lancaster County Senior Judge Joseph Madenspacher issued the sentence.

Assistant District Attorney Ryan Tilley asked the judge’s sentence to reflect the serious injuries to all three victims, including one who was in a medically-induced coma after the crash.

Tilley noted three factors in requesting the sentence:

  • Felix’s decision to drive
  • Felix taking passengers along for the ride
  • Felix driving the car at over 100 mph

Passengers told police Felix was driving over 100 mph in the posted 40-mph zone prior to his BMW veering off New Holland Pike (Route 23) and into two trees near Snake Hill Road. One passenger said the speedometer indicated 130 mph at one point.

Felix admitted to drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana prior to driving. Testing revealed a .086-percent blood-alcohol level and active components of marijuana.

One passenger was ejected from the car in the early-morning crash. All three passengers sustained serious injuries; two sustained skull fractures.

Senior Judge Madenspacher pointed to those devastating injuries while ordering sentence.

A male victim, who was placed in a coma, wrote in a statement he has had to relearn basic life functions during his recovery process.

In all, Felix pleaded guilty to three counts of vehicular aggravated assault while DUI, four counts of misdemeanor DUI, and three summary citations.