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Lititz Police wrap up ‘It’ saga with light-hearted, yet serious, post

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LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — The final chapter in the Lititz ‘It’ saga was written Wednesday, at least on the end of the Lititz Borough Police Department.

On Facebook, the police department wrapped up the events with a light-hearted, yet serious, post:

As our 15 minutes of fame regarding the Red Ballon caper comes to an end, we wanted to share with everyone who is still paying attention to our page that the final chapter in the LBPD Red Balloon caper was written. Last week, on Thursday afternoon, the day of the premier for the movie “It”, a representative from Warner Brothers Studio contacted the five “pranksters” involved, and the LBPD, and provided all of us with tickets so that we could watch the movie together at Penn Cinema that night. The movie is everything you could imagine it to be, a terrifying time was had by all!! The LBPD staff that were on hand to watch the movie then spent the majority of the next day laying on a comfy sofa speaking to a Therapist about their recent bout of Coulrophobia!

We could have never predicted that some good ol’ shenanigans by a few teenagers, and a harmless rant by the local PD would receive the attention that it did with over 3 million people reached just through our page. We enjoyed watching the young ladies after they came forward, receive the spotlight and the attention. Them, like us here at the LBPD, are now looking forward to getting back to normal and a simpler time when the only thing we had to worry about when it came to storm grates in Derry, oops we mean Lititz, is rescuing the trapped baby ducks that somehow manage year after year, as part of their annual spring migration to Lititz Springs Park to fall helplessly through the openings.

Getting serious for a moment, which is difficult for us, we greatly appreciate the positive comments we received from our local citizens and people from all over the world on how the situation was handled and our “light-hearted” posts on the matter. It was refreshing to the members of the LBPD in an otherwise often dismal profession to be immersed in positivity and reminded of the support. Like anything though we did receive some negative feedback, which we took in stride, and moved on.

Through all the feedback, good and bad, what we took away from it was this………don’t let the actions of one clown seen in a movie or caught on video doing something to tarnish the clown image or behaving badly, effect how you perceive all Clowns. Majority of the Clowns out there are hardworking individuals who care greatly about communities they live and work in. It is often times a thankless job where some people fear Clowns for no reason other than their outwardly appearance, failing to see beneath the make-up, and red nose, and crazy hair, is a person, a person who will tell you that being a Clown was a calling, and Clown work chose them, not the other way around! See what we did there…..

To the “pranksters” we say thanks for the laughs(or scares) and who knows, maybe we’ll see you again in oohhhh, 27 years sound ’bout right?!?