Self-proclaimed ‘most vile man’ posts threatening video on YouTube after motel massage goes awry

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Doug Mahady

NEW CUMBERLAND — A Fairview Township man is charged with harassment, terroristic threats and ethnic intimidation after threatening to kill a motel employee in a video posted on YouTube after the employee allegedly attempted to molest him while performing a massage, Fairview Township police say.

Douglas Mahady, 43, of the 100 block of Limekiln Road, issued the threats on a publicly posted video in August, police say. The video was discovered while police were investigating Mahady for an unrelated incident, according to the criminal complaint.

Police say they watched two of Mahady’s YouTube videos posted on August 28. One was titled “You Will Pay,” the other “You Little F***ot.” Both videos feature a closeup of Mahady narrating to a camera.

In the first video (WARNING: Foul language, Not Safe For Work), Mahady insults “Indian Americans,” calling them “idiots that come from India that live here tax-free and bring their false idols and false gods.” He goes on to single out a single person, issuing several homosexual slurs and threatening their life.

In the second video, police say Mahady appears to be addressing the same person, an employee at the Scottish Inn on the 300 block of Commerce Drive in New Cumberland, the criminal complaint states. In the video, again insults the employee, using several racial and homosexual slurs, and threatens the employee’s life.

“Your life is limited,” Mahady says in the video (WARNING: Foul language, Not Safe For Work). “Your minutes on this earth is (sic) limited…You don’t ambush a man, a man like me. One of the most vile…one of the most violent people you ever meet (sic). And you got me off onto the side. If I see you outside your motel, I’m going to kill you.”

When interviewed by police, Mahady said the employee, a member of the motel’s housekeeping staff, offered to give Mahady a massage, which he accepted. Mahady told police the employee touched him inappropriately during the massage before Mahady ordered him to leave, according to the criminal complaint.

Mahady admitted to making the videos, telling police he was only “blowing off” and that he didn’t mean anything he said, according to the criminal complaint. He would not offer any further information to police about the alleged sexual assault, and refused any offers from police to assist.

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