Tracking showers from Hurricane Irma remnants

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IRMA REMNANTS: What's left of Hurricane Irma will affect our weather over the next few days. Today, we'll have cloudy skies and a few stray showers this morning. Then, the clouds will break up enough this afternoon to call the sky partly sunny. However, when you see the sun this afternoon, you'll notice how humid it got. Highs top out in the mid 70s. After partly cloudy skies tonight, we'll stay cloudy all day on Thursday. Expect a few showers off and on all day on Thursday. On Friday, we'll see more sun in the sky, but we'll also still have a few stray showers from the last push of Irma's energy. Highs climb to the upper 70s.

STILL HUMID: You'll notice the humidity every day for the next week. It won't be too bad on Friday, but it gets more humid for the weekend. We'll have to wait for cold front to sweep out the humidity on Tuesday to catch a break. Hey, after all, it really hasn't been humid for the last month, so it was time. It still is summer!

We'll have humid weather for a week. In fact, we'll have to wait until the middle of next week to catch a week.

WEEKEND WEATHER: On Saturday, we'll have party sunny skies. On Sunday, hmmm. I expect us to stay dry all day, but we got a shot at a few showers off an on if Hurricane Jose inches close enough to the east coast. You don't have to worry about any impacts from Jose if that happens. We'd just get cloudy skies and a few showers from it. As of now, we'll have highs in the 80s all weekend. If Jose gets us cloudy on Sunday, expect mid to low 70s as highs.

The 80s return this weekend.

NEXT WEEK: After a party sunny start on Monday, you'll see more clouds in the sky Monday evening. Highs top out in the low 80s ahead of that cold front, which brings a few showers Tuesday morning. Then, partly sunny skies return Tuesday afternoon, and the humidity starts dropping. The high reaches 80. Then, we get sunny skies all day on Wednesday and highs in the 70s. Wednesday is when you'll notice the comfortable-feeling air. The sunny skies continue through at least Friday of next week.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson