York man accused of stealing a Playstation console in Craigslist double-cross

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YORK — A York man is accused of stealing a Playstation 4 gaming console and other items from a victim after making arrangements to buy the items on Craigslist, according to York police.

Jordan Albin Real is charged with one count of robbery (threat or fear of imminent injury) in connection to the incident, which happened on August 30, police say.

The victim told police he agreed to meet a man, later identified as Real, in York to sell a Playstation bundle from an ad he had placed on Craigslist. He agreed to meet the buyer on the 500 block of S. Queen Street to make the transaction, but after he arrived in the city, the buyer texted him and changed their meeting place to the 600 block of Chestnut Street.

When the victim arrived, he told police, he immediately recognized the buyer as Real, saying he knew him from attending Spring Grove high school football games. The victim said Real told him to get out of his car, and that Real would go get the money for the purchase from a nearby residence.

When Real approached the victim, he attempted to grab the Playstation from the victim’s hands. When the victim held on, Real allegedly pulled out a gun and told him “I’m not playing.”

The victim let go, and Real took the Playstation and other items and left the scene.

The items taken — a Playstation 4, two controllers with a charger, and five video game discs — were worth about $200, the victim said.

Police say the victim identified Real’s photo as part of a photo lineup. They have issued a warrant for Real’s arrest.