Showers off and on all Thursday

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TRACKING SHOWERS: Blame the remnants of Irma for the cloudy skies and off and on showers, today.  This is also the reason why it will feel humid all day.  We'll have highs in the mid 70s.  Like last night, we'll have more patchy fog tonight, and it will feel humid.  Lows drop to the mid 60s.

SUNNIER SKIES: After some morning fog, we'll become partly sunny on Friday.  Yet, in the afternoon, you'll notice some thicker clouds.  A few raindrops will even fall out of these darker clouds over a spot or two.  The same goes for the weekend, minus the morning the fog.  On Saturday and Sunday, we'll have partly sunny skies for most of the day.  In the afternoon, a few spots will get a quick shower; however, most of us stay dry all weekend.  With the sun, we'll grab 78 on Saturday, 80 on Saturday, and 82 on Sunday.  It will feel humid outside all weekend, too.

Our highs climb a bit each day over the next few days.

NEXT WEEK: As of now, we have partly sunny skies or mostly sunny skies Monday through Thursday and highs near 80.  I say "as of now" for a reason: some of the computer weather models we use to forecast have the remnants of Jose getting close to the east coast.  If this ends up happening, this will bring cloudy skies and drizzle.  It's too early too tell, but the whole FOX43 weather team will be watching this closely and keeping you updated as we close out the week.

The 80s return this weekend!


HEAD'S UP: Next Friday, the 22nd, is the first day of fall!  This Sunday, you can catch Chief Meteorologist MaryEllen Pann at the Crohn's Walk in Harrisburg in the morning.  Then, in the afternoon, you can catch Meteorologist Bradon Long at the York Fair.  Saturday evening, I'm hosting the Dutchland Rollers roller derby game in Lancaster.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson