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Partly sunny and humid this weekend

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We'll have highs in the 80s and sunny skies over the next few days.

END OF SUMMER: Enjoy partly sunny skies and above average highs in the mid 80s this weekend.  This is also the last weekend of summer.  Case and point: the sunset is 7:15 P.M. on Saturday.  Besides the sky getting dark earlier now,  the average high is in the mid 70s.  Fall officially starts on Friday.

TRACKING SHOWERS: While most places will stay partly sunny and dry all weekend, a few spots will get a quick shower in the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday.  Most of us just see some thicker and darker clouds in the sky instead of that shower on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  You’ll also notice how it feels humid both days.  It will still feel humid on Monday and Tuesday, but not as humid as the weekend.

It will feel more humid this weekend.

SUNNY SKIES: Next week, most days are sunny and dry.  The only day I have my eye on for rain is Tuesday.  Right now, the leftovers from what’s now Tropical Storm Jose get close enough to the east coast to make our skies cloudy and to give us showers and drizzle.  In fact, you’ll notice more clouds in the sky Monday afternoon, after a very sunny morning, as Jose gets closer.  After Tuesday, we’ll have sunny skies for the rest of the week.

While a spot or two will see a sprinkle Saturday and Sunday afternoon, we’ll see more widespread showers on Tuesday.

HEAD’S UP: Next Friday, the 22nd, is the first day of fall!  This Sunday, you can catch Chief Meteorologist MaryEllen Pann at the Crohn’s Walk in Harrisburg in the morning.  Then, in the afternoon, you can catch Meteorologist Bradon Long at the York Fair.  Saturday evening, I’m hosting the Dutchland Rollers roller derby game in Lancaster.

Look at all of those 80s for the last week of summer!