Keeping the early Summer feel heading into Fall

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A FEW SHOWERS: A few showers are possible, though the chance is low, finishing the weekend. Highs reach the low-80s again as we keep feeling a little muggy.

Highs stay around 80 throughout the week.

Light easterly winds bring in cloud cover from over the Atlantic, keeping us mostly cloudy for most of the day.

STAYING WARM: With low rain chances Monday, highs stay right around 80 as we slowly lose humidity throughout the week. Winds remain light under partly cloudy skies that clear out by Wednesday.

We stay feeling muggy and humid throughout the week, though a little better by Wednesday.

Lots of sunshine finishes the week as winds pick up just a little bit, with gusts up to 15MPH likely.

WATCHING JOSE: As of 5:00PM, Hurricane Jose is a Category 1 hurricane with wind gusts of 100MPH. The current track continues to keep Jose off the East Coast, remaining in the Atlantic, as he weakens to a tropical storm by Tuesday.

Tracking Hurricane Jose, predicted to stay away from Central PA as of 5:00PM Saturday.

The coast of Massachusetts is still in the possible forecast cone for later in the week, though the chance is low for the much-weakened storm to bring direct impacts to New England. We’ll keep an eye on it heading into the week!

Have a great weekend!

-Meteorologist Bradon Long

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