‘Ask Evan’: How much money did PA get in huge Powerball jackpot?

This week's 'Ask Evan' question comes from Matt in York County.  Matt asks, "We just had that big Powerball jackpot.  A friend of mine just asked how much money from every ticket stays in PA?  I didn't know.  Could you find out?"

I reached out to the state lottery folks for answers. I was told there is no hard and fast formula for how much money comes back to the state during each game. That's because it fluctuates based on how many winners there are in Pennsylvania during any particular drawing.

In regards to that particular jackpot in late August the Pennsylvania Lottery folks say the big Powerball jackpot run generated approximately $91.5 million in ticket sales in Pennsylvania from tickets sold from June 11 to August 23.

Pennsylvania's total prize payout for the jackpot run was $45.7 million dollars. That broke down to about $23.8 million in prizes to the PA players who won prizes of various amounts. $21.9 million dollars went toward the overall jackpot prize payout.  About $7.2 million went to retailer & vendor commissions and operating costs.

So for this run, about 42 percent of sales is considered Pennsylvania's 'proceeds' amount - which is the amount of funding put toward senior benefit programs.  That totaled over 38-million-dollars..

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