Dispute over horse leads to gunfire on Lower Windsor Township farm

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LOWER WINDSOR TOWNSHIP, York County — A 60-year-old Wrightsville man is facing several charges after allegedly firing a gun at another man who was boarding a horse on his property, according to Lower Windsor Township police.

Mark Michael Nail, of Abels Road, is charged with multiple counts of aggravated assault, terroristic threats, simple assault and reckless endangerment.

According to the criminal complaint, police were summoned to Nail’s residence Saturday afternoon in reference to a dispute over a horse. The animal’s owner, Bernard Rosado, told police he boarded the horse at a barn on Nail’s property. He called police after discovering the gate to the property was locked.

Two days earlier, Rosado told police, he and two other workers were confronted by Nail while on the property attending to the horse. Nail allegedly walked out of his home carrying a “black machine gun.” Nail, whom Rosado said appeared to be intoxicated, allegedly told the men to get off his property and fired several rounds into the ground around the driveway area. The then allegedly pointed his gun at the three men and told them again to get off his property. They complied.

Rosado said he contacted police about the incident, but at the time declined to press charges. After thinking about it, he told police he wanted to change his mind.

Rosado then said that Animal Control Officer Nicole Lawrence was also involved in the case. Police spoke with her later on Saturday, and she told them she had spoken several times with Nail, who initially had given her permission to come onto his property to pick up the horse, but later changed his mind, claiming Rosado owed him $600.

He also said that if Rosado came on his property again, “I am going to shoot him dead,” Lawrence told police.

Police returned to Nail’s property with Lawrence later on Saturday, and found an intoxicated Nail pulling the horse. Police asked Nail to open the gate, and he said the key to the lock was located in his car, which was parked nearby. An officer followed Neil to the car and instructed him to back away, citing safety concerns. When the officer entered the vehicle, he discovered a Walther PPK handgun on the front seat, the criminal complaint states.

In an interview with police, Nail admitted that he fired the gun at Rosado and the other men. He said he was hoping to scare them, the criminal complaint states. He also admitted that he told Lawrence he would shoot Rosado if he came back on his property.

Nail was then arrested.

A search of Nail’s home uncovered a H&K SP5K rifle on a chair beside the kitchen table, according to the criminal complaint.

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