Neighbors react to water issues in part of Perry County

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PENN TOWNSHIP, PERRY COUNTY, Pa. -- A community in Perry County once again faces water issues.

Some residents in the Sunshine Hill Section of Penn Township say they haven't been able to shower or drink their tap water, and they say it's not the first time this has happened.

Penn Township Supervisors bought dozens of cases of water to give out to residents of the Sunshine Hill Community. However, the supervisors are not responsible for the water system; the Penn Township Municipal Authority is. Right now, the Sunshine Hill Community is in a boil water advisory.

This comes after many residents say they suddenly lost water over the weekend. The advisory could last until Friday. Until then, neighbors should boil their water. Many say they're used to brown or discolored drinking water with little to no pressure.

"Anything that we have is always, always brown, stained, and ruined," said Lisa Auxt, who lives in Sunshine Hill. "The repairs that are taking place are emergency repairs because the system is bad, and we just want clean water."

"Frequently, we have brown water. Often times, sediment will flow into our bathtubs, our sinks, and then, we're authorized to flush the water, but it takes hours of running the water through our lines to obtain clear water again," said Andrea Harvath who also lives in Sunshine Hill.

Auxt says she's tired of having brown spots all over her and her family's clothing. She wants the Penn Township Municipal Authority to make a permanent fix.

"The more they keep letting this go, I'm afraid we're not going to have water at what point in time at all, and then, what's going to happen?" said Auxt.

Because of the recent advisory for the community, a concerned group of neighbors created the Sunshine Hill Water Action Group, and Penn Township supervisors, separate from the municipal authority, is giving out water while the advisory is in effect.

"I just could not sit back and not do anything. For one, I saw the pictures on Facebook of their water and how brown it was," said Pam Huss, a Penn Township supervisor.

 Fox 43 was unable to get in touch with the Penn Township Municipal Authority. The next authority meeting is set for Wednesday, October 4th, and the Sunshine Hill Water Action Group plans to attend to voice their concerns.

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