Summery though Wednesday

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Summer is alive and well through Wednesday.

SIZZLE STAYS: The hot and humid weather continues through Wednesday.  In fact, it will feel more humid Monday afternoon.  Highs will reach 90, again.  Then, we end up in the upper 80s on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, we get mid 80s on Wednesday because we’ll have more clouds in the sky.  Despite more clouds from the remnants of Maria and from a cold front crossing over us, we’ll still squeeze out a partly sunny day, overall.

Look at those more seasonal highs at the end of the week!

 COOLER WEATHER: Thanks to that cold front, we loose the humidity by midday Thursday, and we keep it away for the rest of the week.  Enjoy more seasonal highs in the upper 70s on Thursday.  Then, we slide down to 72 on Friday and 68 on Saturday.  We’ll keep the skies sunny on Thursday, partly sunny on Friday as another weak cold front crosses in the afternoon, and very sunny for the upcoming weekend.  All week, we’ll stay dry.

The wipers take a break all week.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson