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Lebanon photographer and Playboy models discuss impact of Hugh Hefner

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LEBANON, Pa. -- The man behind the magazine.

Kelli Mackenzie, a Playboy model, said, "To most girls and photographers and people out there, he was the name of Playboy."

And his name is someone everyone will remember even though he's gone: Hugh Hefner.

Angela Pheng, a Playboy mode, said, "It's amazing what he did. It's amazing what he did for everyone."

From models to photographers who worked for Playboy, people even in Lebanon were impacted by Hefner and his legacy.

Mackenzie said, "It was about being beautiful inside and out, and I think a lot of people are so judgmental because they don't know that. They didn't get to see that side."

Scott Church, a fine art portrait photographer in Lebanon, said, "I wouldn't be able to do the job that I do had it not been for Hugh Hefner and Playboy magazine."

Church was a contributing photographer for the magazine from 2010-2011.

He said, "It was one of the most special moments in my life, career-wise, photography-wise."

And for models, posing for the magazine is a snapshot of their lives they'll never forget.

Mackenzie said, "Playboy wasn't just about how pretty the girls were, it was about their personality. And you really found that through the course of working with them."

They said the Playboy magazine was more than just what some people may call dirty pictures.

Church said, "The strides that he made in racial equality and social justice are immeasurable."

Even though Hefner may be gone, his memory will live on in Playboy.

He said, "I hope the magazine lives forever and I know that the things he's done, magazine and life beyond, he'll be remembered for it."