Veterinary clinic in Cumberland Co. creates relaxing environment for pets and owners

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SOUTH MIDDLETON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- When you go to the vet, the first things that may come to you and your pet's minds are white coats, needles and stainless steel tables.

But a new veterinary clinic scheduled to open its doors Monday in Cumberland County is hoping to change that.

Tracy Sands, veterinarian and owner of Healing Paws Veterinary Care, said, "There aren't any that I'm aware of that are very home-like. And I've had clients say to me I'm not going on vacation because I don't feel comfortable where my pet is."

Sands operated Healing Paws Veterinary Care out of a mobile unit and is now expanding into a building at 7 Wenger Court in South Middleton Township.

She said, "I really developed a bond with the community, and I realized that a lot of my clients were looking for a great option for boarding, a good option for daycare and grooming where it was also focused on them being relaxed."

So she wanted to provide just that.

Her business has everything from toys in the offices, to a scale built into the floor so dogs aren't intimidated.

For boarding, cats can get a massage and dogs get play time with employees.

Sands said, "The animals are so much more comfortable. It makes us happier too, and when we're happier, that translates to our care."

She wants it to be a place where owners feel it's OK to leave their pets behind and to relax.

She said, "We want them to not want to go back out the door. We want them to stay here and feel comfortable. We want them to see their animal staying for boarding. And the animal kind of going to play with the pet care specialist. 'See you later, mom!'"

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