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Fawn Grove man accused of secretly filming women having sex with him


FAWN GROVE, York County — A 22-year-old Fawn Grove man is facing several charges after allegedly taking numerous secret videos of women performing sex acts with him, according to State Police.

Alexander Joseph McAvoy, of the 900 block of Main Street, is charged with dozens of charges, including invasion of privacy, statutory sexual assault, sexual abuse of children, and corruption of minors.

Police searched his computer after he allegedly threatened to release nude pictures of his underage ex-girlfriend if she didn’t have sex with him.

In January, the girl, who dated McAvoy when she was between 15 and 16 years old, showed Maryland State Police a series of text messages in which McAvoy allegedly threatened to release nude images of her. The text conversation reportedly happened in December of 2016, more than a year after the two had broken up, police say.

Maryland State Police contacted Pennsylvania State Police after viewing the text messages, according to the criminal complaint.

During the conversation, McAvoy allegedly told the girl he was using a new phone because she had blocked his old number, the criminal complaint states. He then allegedly told her he still had pictures and videos of her.

When the girl asked if he was threatening to post them online, McAvoy allegedly answered “Maybe.”

He later texted “Maybe I’ll show your parents,” the criminal complaint alleges.

He later texted again and told her he wouldn’t show the girl’s parents the roughly 15 to 20 videos if she had sex with him again, the criminal complaint says.

He also allegedly sent her a photo collage of images from his computer screen.

In February, police got a search warrant for McAvoy’s phone and laptop computer. The phone number matched the one used to text the victim in December, police say.

A search of the computer revealed 10 videos of at least seven different women, according to the criminal complaint. At least nine of the videos began with McAvoy leaving the room shortly after the recording begins. He then returns to the room with a woman to have sex, according to the criminal complaint.

In one of the videos, McAvoy turns the camera in a way to conceal it from the woman, the criminal complaint says. When he and the women finish having sex, McAvoy is shown turning off the camera after the women leave.

Police spoke with several women identified in the videos. All of them said they were unaware they were being recorded, according to the criminal complaint. All of the women were able to confirm they were the ones in the videos, according to police.

McAvoy was charged on September 28. His arraignment is scheduled for October 3.