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Drunken, excrement-covered man accused of fighting with police officer

HARRISBURG — A drunken, feces-covered Harrisburg man was arrested last month after fighting with a police officer in the lobby of an apartment complex, according to Harrisburg police.

Officers were called to the lobby of Linden Terrace Apartments, on the 1200 block of North Front Street, at about 6 p.m. on September 30 for the report of a man with his pants down.

When police arrived, they found Carlo Cobb, 53, who is believed to be homeless, standing with his sweat pants down and around one ankle, according to the criminal complaint. Cobb’s genitals were exposed, police say.

Cobb was unable or unwilling to comply when an officer ordered him to pull up his pants, the criminal complaint said. He reportedly smelled of alcohol and human excrement, the complaint added.

When informed he was under arrest, Cobb allegedly ran from the lobby. Police gave chase. At that point, Cobb allegedly turned around, faced the officer, and said “You’re going to have to fight me,” the criminal complaint states.

As the officer fought to get Cobb in handcuffs, Cobb’s excrement allegedly got on the officer and his clothes as he fought to subdue the suspect, the criminal complaint says.

Feces was also found on the sidewalk leading to the apartments and in the lobby, the complaint says.

Cobb was charged with indecent exposure, resisting arrest, trespassing, disorderly conduct, escape, public drunkenness and voiding human excretion, the criminal complaint states.