Remnants from Hurricane Nate bring us rain

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SUNDAY SHOWERS: We get showers on the “bookends” of your Sunday.  After a line of scattered showers crosses over us in the morning through 10 A.M., we’ll spend much of Sunday day dry.  Then, scattered showers from the remnants of Nate slowly start riding up from the south beginning around 4 P.M.  So, if you live in Franklin, Adams, York, and Lancaster Counties, you’ll get some of these showers, first.  Everyone else will get them later in the evening, closer to sunset or shortly after.  All the clouds will keep us in the upper 70s.

WET WEATHER:  We’ll have showers off and on Sunday night and all day on Monday.  Highs will end up in the mid 70s on Monday, and it will feel humid.

After a humid start to the week, we get less humid.

SUNNY WEATHER: Sunny skies return on Tuesday as a big area of high pressure builds to our north.  All of that sun will take us back to the low 80.  As that high slides to our north, it will push down cooler air, so we’ll get highs in the mid 70s on Wednesday.  We start out Wednesday very sunny, but in the afternoon and evening, you’ll see a lot more clouds in the sky.

Sunny skies and 80s return Tuesday.

MORE SHOWERS: We’ll have a cloudy and drizzly Thursday because of the big area of high pressure.  Even though high pressure is usually synonymous with sunny skies, it can occasionally cause us to have rain.

See, as the big area of high pressure moves off the east coast and out to sea, it will shift our wind so that they come from the east.  Anytime our wind comes from the east all day, it brings in the air sitting about the Atlantic Ocean.  This air has a lot of moisture in it, so it keeps us cloudy and drizzly.

Also, the ocean water cools the air above it, so we often get highs close to the ocean water temperature on days with an east wind.  The current ocean water temperature is around 70, so expect highs just shy of 70 on Thursday.

You’ll need the umbrella a few days this week.

SUN RETURNS: The clouds will be slow to leave on Friday, but the sun will eventually win out in the afternoon and evening.  After that, you can enjoy the sunny and dry weather for next weekend.  Expect highs in the low 70s all of those days.

For scale, the average high is 67.


-Meteorologist Drew Anderson