Remnants of Hurricane Nate bring rain to our area

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We're tracking steady rain Monday morning from what was once Hurricane Nate.

TRACKING SHOWERS: Blame the remnants of Hurricane Nate for that “Florida feel” in the air.  When we get a hurricane, tropical storm, or even their remnants, we usually get very humid.  When it’s this humid, it’s easy to get rain out of the air, and we do just that on your Columbus Day Monday.  After that steady rain this morning, we’ll slowly dry out.  In fact, most of us will have a dry commute home from work.  The breezes will relax after sunset, and the clouds and showers keep us in the mid 70s.

Less humid weather returns soon.

SUNSHINE RETURNS: After the clouds break up Monday night, we’ll get partly sunny skies on Tuesday.  All that sun will take our high back to the low 80s!  You’ll also notice a big difference in the humidity on Tuesday because it will feel so much better outside.  We’ll have until Wednesday to loose the humidity completely.  Even though we’ll see a bit of sun Wednesday morning, it does not last long.

More rain is in the forecast after Monday.

MORE SHOWERS: We’ll quickly turn cloudy on Wednesday, and then, you’ll see scattered showers in the afternoon.  The clouds and showers knock highs back to the mid 70s.  On Thursday, we’ll have cloudy skies and off and on light rain.  Blame a wind from the east for that.

Anytime our wind comes from the east all day, it brings in the air sitting about the Atlantic Ocean.  This air has a lot of moisture in it, so it keeps us cloudy and drizzly.Also, the ocean water cools the air above it, so we often get highs close to the ocean water temperature on days with an east wind.  The current ocean water temperature is around 70, so expect highs just shy of 70 on Thursday.

Keep the Umbrella in the car a few days this week.

SUNSHINE RETURNS: After a cloudy Friday morning, sunny skies return in the afternoon.  Highs hang out in the 70s.  We’ll keep the 70s and sunny skies rolling through the weekend!  Then, we’ll get more rain next Monday, October 16.

For scale, the average high is 67 these days.

-Meteorologist Drew Anderson