Two York mayoral candidates encourage people to register to vote

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YORK, Pa. -- Tuesday is the last day you can register to vote in the November general election in Pennsylvania.

Two of the nominees for York mayor stress the importance for people to have a say in who their local elected officials are.

City Council President Michael Helfrich said, "Without voting you're not having any say in who's telling you how to live your lives, and also who's in charge of making sure that you're safe, and making sure that business is good and people get jobs. It all comes down to who you choose as your leader."

Helfrich lost to Mayor Kim Bracey in the Democratic primary election, but Helfrich is now running as the Republican nominee.

He said, "They wrote me in overwhelmingly and I'm happy to have their support. I think people that know me know that politics doesn't play a big role in my life. I'm worried about ideas and solutions."

Both nominees are looking to reduce crime and taxes, and Bracey said she's already been working toward that.

She said, "Continue to see our property taxes reduced. We're on track to see our property taxes reduced by 15 percent by 2020."

Bracey wants to continue to work with law enforcement, saying that's something her opponents haven't been able to do.

"The real work of a mayor, is one that you have to be in it to understand it. And we've been working very very hard and not working off of empty promises," she said.

And Helfrich wants to also focus on bringing in more businesses to the city, which he said is something not happening now.

He said, "We need to be at the top of our game and reaching out to businesses because our people need jobs. We can't improve the city unless we're employing people."

But whoever you are supporting in the mayoral race, both candidates agree on this.

"Get out and vote. We have to make our voices heard. It is a democracy, and I understand people have choices, and I respect that totally. But I want people to get out and exercise your right to vote," Bracey said.

The deadline to register to vote in Pennsylvania is October 10. Election Day is Tuesday, November 7.

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