Campers have 45 days to vacate campground in Lancaster Co.

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MOUNT JOY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Ridge Run Campground residents in Lancaster County received heartbreaking news this week: a letter from management saying they have just 45 days to vacate the campground property.

The owner of the property sold the land, and now dozens of people have to leave by November 30.

Percy Wise, who has lived at the campground for about five weeks, said, "We have 43 families that are going to be out on the street. Some with children. Some that are elderly that have no family anymore."

Many of the people have lived on the campground in Mount Joy Township, Lancaster County, for years with their families.

Nathan Lavoie, who has lived there for two years, said, "I have three kids. All three birthdays between now and November 30th."

And they don't know where they will end up when they are kicked out right before winter.

Lavoie said, "The entire campground is getting shut down with nowhere to go on the offseason. All the campgrounds are closed."

Peter Miller, who leases the property and runs the campground, said he does not want to comment.

Campers said they were told by the Millers they would be given a year's notice if something were to happen to the campground.

Wise said, "I feel as though we were deceived by the Millers. And so do some of the other people that just moved in and some of the people that have lived here for awhile feel the same thing."

Miller leases the property from Gerald Horst.

Horst said he let the Millers know back in August he was going to sell the land, and adds he isn't involved in the arrangements residents had with the Millers.

Horst said, "There are no laws saying that you have to keep a campground open. But out of general courtesy, they should give the people ample warning that they have to pull the tractor trailer out of there."

Campers understand the owner is free to sell the property, but they don't understand why they weren't given more notice.

Michael Baldwin, who has lived there for five years, said, "All we want is until May. If you can't do that. I'm going to lay down in the road. They're not going to pass me. I'm not going to leave willingly."

Residents said they would like to meet with the new owner to discuss the situation and possibly try to get more time to move.