AG Shapiro appealing court ruling in dismissal of 2015 Amtrak case

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HARRISBURG, Pa. — Attorney General Josh Shapiro is appealing the court’s ruling relating to the dismissal of the 2015 Amtrak case.

The Office of Attorney General’s spokesman made the announcement today:

“The Office of Attorney General has filed its notice of appeal of the Municipal Court decision in the Amtrak case. We are seeking a legal determination based on the proper standard for a preliminary hearing.”

The appeal comes after a judge dismissed all charges against Brandon Bostian, the engineer of the Amtrak 188 train, on September 12.

Bostian, 34, faced eight counts of voluntary manslaughter, one count of causing or risking a catastrophe and numerous counts of reckless endangerment.

In May 2015, the train, engineered by the 34-year-old New York resident, derailed on a curve which resulted  in the death of eight passengers — more than 200 others were injured.

Shapiro filed charges exactly two years after the incident.