Dead tree hanging on wires hazard for drivers in Lebanon Co.

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WEST CORNWALL TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A dead tree is creating a hazard for drivers in Lebanon County, and it's been that way for quite some time.

The tree fell more than a year ago on Verizon cables in West Cornwall Township and looms over the roadway.

Cornwall Borough Patrolman Greg Bender said, "As time goes on, the tree's coming down further and further. Eventually it's going to be on the roadway. It's inevitable."

The tree hangs near the intersection of Butler and Old Mine Road.

Officers said Verizon won't remove it.

Cornwall Borough Officer Robert Peebles said, "Until it breaks the line, they're unable to do anything about it."

Although the tree has been hanging for a while, authorities said they keep receiving calls about it.

Peebles said, "They call and it's not pinpointed to be this location, we have to check and make sure that it isn't a tree down or something. Another situation. So it does tie us up at times."

And it's unsafe for fire officials to address the situation.

Peebles said, "Not always certain whether there's electricity involved or anything of that sort. And also dealing with very expensive equipment. If they do damage to it, they feel they may be responsible for that."

Authorities said it's only a matter of time until the tree comes down, and there is fear it could hit a passing driver.

Bender said, "The main concern is that some time when we do have bad weather we're going to be stuck out here for a couple hours with a road closure. Due to something that could be taken care of now."

Police officers are pushing to get the company to address the issue before it's too late.

Peebles said, "Ease not only the passing motorists mind but some of the people who live in the general area too."

We reached out to Verizon's corporate office, and have yet to receive a response.