Lititz police help Warwick High School student land a date to the Homecoming Dance

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LITITZ — The Lititz Borough Police Department went above and beyond the call of duty to help a Warwick High School student land a date for the Homecoming Dance, according to a post on the department’s Facebook page.

Hilton Michael got an assist from Lititz police in his attempt to get fellow Warwick High School student Lillie Kreider to accompany him to the dance.

We’ll let the Lititz Police Department’s Facebook post set the scene:

“Officers working this weekend located the young lad in the photo strolling through a parking lot near Warwick High School, accompanied by his ‘wanted’ poster, looking for the subject of interest for his date to the upcoming Homecoming dance.

“We sprang into action, offering our assistance and put out a ‘be on the lookout.’ Shortly thereafter the wanted person was observed operating her vehicle near the area. A traffic stop was initiated on Ms. Kreider. Officers approached with caution, wanted poster in hand, explaining to Ms. Kreider the reason for the traffic stop. Mr. Michael was anxiously awaiting nearby.

“Ms. Kreider happily cooperated with authorities and upon exiting her vehicle met with Mr. Michael and happily accepted his proposal. Best wishes Lilli Kreider and Hilton Michael and have a great time at the Warwick Homecoming Dance!”

To head off any possible questions about the traffic stop, or the potential waste of tax dollars, the police department added the following disclaimer at the end of the post:

“Nobody was harmed in this proposal. The ‘traffic stop,’ which was pre-planned, took place in a parking lot far removed from an actual roadway, thereby not endangering any passersby. The assisting Officers only “wasted” about five minutes of taxpayer money, which we feel is a good trade-off for the community policing aspect of this event.”