Poll: What do you think should be the Trump Administration’s top priority?

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DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa.– President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit Harrisburg on Wednesday.

According to White House officials, the President will speak at the Harrisburg Air National Guard Base at Harrisburg International Airport.

A White House Senior Official says the President will discuss his tax reform plan.

Of course, there are a number of issues the President has been involved in during his tenure in office.

President Trump and his staff have been in ongoing negotiations on Health Care, while meeting opposition by politicians on both sides.

Additionally, the President has unveiled numerous travel bans and limited the amount of refugees allowed into the country, in an attempt to change immigration policies for the country.

Finally, President Trump spoke to the U.N. for the first time last month, and has been engaging in an on-going war of words against North Korea, while threatening military action.

Our question is, what do you think should be the Trump Administration’s top priority?