President Trump pushes tax reform plan in Dauphin County

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LOWER SWATARA TWP., Pa. - President Donald Trump Wednesday made his third visit to the central Pennsylvania area since his election last year.

In this instance, President Trump pushed his tax reform plan to a crowd in a hangar at the Air National Guard facility near Harrisburg International Airport.

"Our country and our economy cannot take off like they should unless we transform America's outdated complex and extremely burdensome tax code," the president said.

President Trump focused on the trucking industry, which he called a critical partner in keeping the American economy running and competing with other countries.

"It is time to end this unfair disadvantage and give American companies and workers the level playing field they so richly deserve,"  Trump said.

"It was really special to see him focused on the trucking industry, which I believe is the backbone of America," said Dave Hensal of Eagle Services, a trucking company that operates in the Harrisburg area. "Anything he can do to help middle America grow is, I think, the right direction."

Trump's proposed tax reforms also include reducing the number of personal income tax brackets, eliminating the estate tax and increasing the standard deduction.

For retirees like Susie Schlomann of Shrewsbury, she is hoping the proposed reforms would mean more money in her pocket.

"Having tax reform will give breathing room," she said. "If I take more money out, I have to pay more in taxes, and that really is a concern. It's a weird thing to have in the back of your mind constantly."

Trump also visited the area as part of his "Thank You" tour last December and to commemorate his first 100 days in office in April. Supporters say his message hits home for people in central Pennsylvania.

"People work hard for their money, and it seems like more and more of it is going away in taxes," said David Black, president of the Harrisburg Regional Chamber of Commerce and Capital Region Economic Development Corporation. "I think his message resonates here. Obviously it showed last year in the polls. I think it continues particularly with an economic message like this."