Shippensburg man facing charges for stabbing incident

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Pa.– A Shippensburg man is facing charges after allegedly threatening an ex-girlfriend and a man in a stabbing incident.

Paul Beam, 58, is facing charges of felony burglary, criminal trespassing, simple assault and harassment among other related charges.

On October 9 at approximately 10:10 p.m., Beam went looking for an ex-girlfriend in the 100 block of S. Prince St. and found her in a male friend’s apartment.

Beam reportedly began pounding on the door, and when the man looked through the door peep hole, Beam made threats that he was going to kill him and that the man “had to come out some time.”

Beam’s ex-girlfriend exited the apartment in an attempt to calm him down, but Beam forced his way into the apartment, according to police.

The male resident warned Beam that he had a knife and would defend himself, and sprayed Beam with pepper spray, to no avail.

Beam struck the resident and caused facial injuries, while suffering stab and slash wounds.

Beam fled to his residence on E. Orange St. when his ex-girlfriend contacted him to make sure he was okay.

After finding that Beam was not okay, she called 911. Beam was treated by emergency personnel at his residence before being transported to a local hospital.

Police say that prior to his release from the hospital, Beam called his ex-girlfriend and made addtional terroristic threats against her male friend.

He also reportedly called another individual who he told of plans to kill his ex-girlfriend, her male friend, and himself.

Shortly after noon, Beam was taken into custody at the hospital when he was being discharged.

Beam was committed to Cumberland County Prison and bail was set at $500,000.