Central Pa. quarterbacks and best friends score touchdowns to raise money for ALS cure

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CAMP HILL, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Pa. -- Two quarterbacks from Central Pennsylvania score touchdowns for more than honor and the love of the game.

They score to remember one of their fathers who passed away from Lou Gehrigs Disease, known as ALS, and to raise money for a cure.

Every time Cedar Cliff's Bobby Whalen and Trinity's Tommy Kirchhoff score, supporters who've pledged donate money to Project ALS in honor of Tom Kirchhoff, Tommy's dad who passed away from the disease.

"It's six points for the team, and it's also money for charity," said Tommy Kirchhoff, senior and quarterback for Trinity High School.

Bobby Whalen and Tommy Kirchhoff are best friends and quarterbacks who put the football in the end zone in hopes of giving someone a new beginning.

"I had a idea to do touchdowns for ALS, and I was just gonna do it alone it alone and see how much I could raise alone..." said Bobby Whalen, junior and quarterback for Cedar Cliff High School.

Running 100 yards for more than just points...for a cause and a cure for ALS. It was originally Bobby's idea.

"Then I was thinking, and I thought, 'Tommy,' and I was doing it for him and his family so I would definitely want him to be a part of it," said Bobby.

"My bestfriend came to me and told me about it, and we don't want anyone else to go through what we went through," explained Tommy.

Tom was a former Cedar Cliff football player.

"The first thing I did was tweet it out, and the money just came flying in," said Bobby. "He's my brother. He's not really a friend. He always been there for me, and I've always been there for him."

Bobby says Tom was like a second dad to him. Both quarterbacks wear the number 14 in his honor.

"It's an honor for us to wear. It's my dad's number," stated Tommy.

Hitting $50,000 quickly, the two soon realized they needed to aim higher.

"For me, it was like reaching for the stars, like slim to impossible, but it was like the first week, we were there.... I guess we should raise it to 100," explained Bobby.

They hope to raise $100,000 for Project ALS. Donations are made through Pledgeit where supporters vow to give money every time either players score.

"If you pledge we will win for ALS, you're pledging for every touchdown Tommy or Bobby personally score throughout the season... the best way to learn more is to go to Pledgeit.org/wewillwin," said Scott Shirley, CEO & Founder of Pledgeit.

If you want to donate, pledgeit.org/wewillwin. The boys have until the end of the football season to hit their goal of $100,000.