Lancaster SPCA reopens under new management

LANCASTER, Pa. -- The Lancaster County SPCA saw a huge turnout from animal lovers this summer when it announced it would close its doors for good.

The shelter didn't stay closed for long.

It's getting a second chance from the Pennsylvania SPCA. The organization is taking over operations of the Mary K. Dano Animal Shelter to give pets a new home.

Pennsylvania SPCA director of humane law enforcement Nicole Wilson said "we really saw the need in the community to fill, as well as really having done a lot of work on this community with law enforcement. It seemed like a natural fit for us."

Although dog and cat lovers emptied out the cages several weeks ago when the original shelter closed, the need for animal adoptions hasn't gone away.

"Pet overpopulation is not going away in a month. It's something that we, working with the community, hope to reduce over time. Having worked in law enforcement now for over 15 years, the needs of animals in our community are not going away," Wilson said.

There are a few necessary requirements besides 'must love dogs or cats' to adopt a new four-legged friend.

"Bring any small children who live in the home. They want to bring, if they have, if they're looking to adopt a dog, and they have a dog of their own, we would love for them to bring in for a meet and greet, as well as vaccine information for those dogs. We want to keep everybody healthy," Wilson said.

The Pennsylvania SPCA Lancaster Center is located at 848 S. Prince Street in Lancaster. The shelter opens daily 12 pm - 6 pm, beginning Saturday, October 14th.