Supreme Court denies allowance of appeal regarding zoning change in Newberry Township

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YORK COUNTY, Pa. — The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Middle District denied to hear a Petition for Allowance of Appeal from developer Fran McNaughton relating to a zoning change in Newberry Township.

This topic dates back to July 2012 when a non-profit community organization known as Valley Green Residents Organization (VGRO) launched its “Keep the Course” effort to stop Golf Enterprises, Inc. (GEI) — an entity affiliated with McNaughton — from turning Valley Green Golf Course into more than 300 new housing units.

In October 2013, the Newberry Township Board of Supervisors rejected the zoning change proposed by McNaughton and GEI. Two months later, GEI filed a lawsuit challenging the township’s rejection. This is when VGRO intervened.

The York County Court of Common Pleas sided with VGRO. GEI made another appeal, this time to the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court IN  — which was denied in April 2017 and ruled in favor of Newberry Township and VGRO.