Two women travel the country on Segway and make a stop in Gettysburg

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GETTYSBURG, Pa. -- Taking the country by storm on Segways: two women are traveling across the United States on two wheels, and today, they stopped in Gettysburg.

Their ride is called the Ultimate Segway Tour, and it's just that. They ride each and every day, no matter the weather, with one goal in mind: to make it all the way across the United States by the end of the year.

Dawn Harkness of New London, Connecticut and Allison Porter of Chaddsford, Pennsylvania are the two friends on their battery powdered journey. They ride multiple Segways daily on back roads and bike paths. Thankfully, there's only been one minor accident so far.

It's pretty incredible.

"The women our age that drive by us are like, 'YEAH!'" said Porter. "The men are like, 'MEH, I hope my wife doesn't do that!'"

"The women our age get it," said Harkness.

Segways average a whopping 12.5 mph at full speed. The ladies say they typically ride 40-50 miles in a day.

"Gettysburg has been a real highlight. Hershey was fabulous. I love the countryside, the farms," said Porter.

They say the Ultimate Segway Tour started as a mid-life crisis.

"I just turned 55, I was saying, 'oh my gosh, I am having a midlife crisis. what should we do?' and I was like, 'we should drive these cross country and write a book!' and I was totally kidding..." explained Porter.

That joke soon became a journey and one they say everyone should have.

"I think that travel is one of the things that broadens your perspectives. I had traveled all over the world, and I hadn't traveled slowly in the United States, and I'm really loving getting close to the United States," said Harkness.

Harkness's street name is fittingly 'Safety' and PorterĀ 'Goddess of the Universe'. They've come a long way so far and hope to make it all the way to Los Angeles.

If you want to be a part of the journey, they post videos of their travels here.

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