Lice outbreak hits second Harrisburg School District elementary school

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. — An outbreak of lice has been discovered in a second elementary school within the Harrisburg School District.

The school district and Downey School administrators announced that approximately 100 students at the school have lice. Parents were notified and those students were released to their care for treatment.

Administrators will continue communication with parents, guardians and families to request their help and hands-on engagement to combat the issue and ensure the lice and nits are not spread, the official release states.

“As a District and school community, we must have consistent parental support and commitment — at home and school¬†to stop this outbreak,” said Kirsten Keys, Public Relations Coordinator. ¬†“To address this issue on a broader scale, and to better understand the origin and scope of this unprecedented lice outbreak, the District is in communication with key community stakeholders holders such as the Harrisburg Housing Authority, the PA Department of Health, UPMC Pinnacle, Hamilton Health Center and others,”

According to the release, the district and Downey administrators will continue with screening, education and notifying specific parents/guardians. If notified, parents are asked to contact their child’s primary care provider. After receiving appropriate treatment, students who screened positive will be re-screened by a school nurse before returning to daily classes.

Parent and community education sessions with medical and lice experts will be held at Downey School. Dates are times are to be determined.

Foose School was closed Thursday and Friday last week because of the outbreak.