Waynesboro woman accused of abusing 11-year-old girl with belt, wooden spoon

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WAYNESBORO, Franklin County — A 32-year-old Waynesboro woman is accused of using her hands, a wooden spoon, a belt, and a spatula to physically abuse an 11-year-old girl,¬†according to PublicOpinionOnline.

Katherine Anne Graham, 32, is charged with endangering the welfare of a child and simple assault. Police say their investigation began when the girl was interviewed about alleged abuse at a home on North Church Street.

According to police, the girl said that on Sept. 29, the girl didn’t want to walk to the home because her legs hurt. The girl said she has trouble walking due to medical conditions, and that Graham spanked her because she said the girls lying about her conditions.

The girl said Graham pulled the girl’s pants down and spanked her with her hands, according to charging documents.

A few days later, the girl said, Graham gave the girl 30 minutes to wash windows. When she didn’t finish in time, Graham allegedly pulled down her pants and spanked her with a wooden spoon, hitting her an estimated 10 times.

The girl said Graham gave her was given five more minutes to finish the windows, and when she didn’t finish, Graham allegedly spanked her 10 more times.

The girl’s father was present when these spanking incidents happened, the girl said.

The day after, the girl was told to wash the walls and clear the car, and Graham allegedly spanked the girl with a belt and told her to do it right, according to court documents.

The girl said a few days later she was spanked with a belt again, this time with her clothes still on.

The final incident the girl reported happened when the girl didn’t have time to blow-dry her hair before leaving for school, she told police. Graham allegedly spanked her with a spatula, charging documents say.

Police reported seeing photos of the injuries to the girl, which included red, swollen raised welts combined with black, blue, purple and yellow bruising on her bottom and hips, according to court documents.

A doctor from Hershey Medical Center reviewed the photos and told investigators on Oct. 6 that the injuries were consistent with child abuse.

Graham is being held at Franklin County Jail on $50,000 bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 24.