‘Ask Evan’: Why are pictures taken at every E-ZPass tool booth?

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This week's 'Ask Evan' question comes from Ryann W.  She asks, "Why is the turnpike taking photos of drivers when going through the E-ZPass toll? It happened twice recently to my husband."

I talked with PA Turnpike Commission Spokesman Carl Defebo.  He tells me photographs are taken of each and every vehicle that goes through the E-ZPass lanes-- specifically pictures are taken of the license plate.  Then in real-time, the plate information is compared to the E-ZPass customer database.

If the license plate information confirms that the vehicle is attached to an active E-ZPass account, Defebo says the plate information photograph is immediately deleted.

If there is no match to an E-ZPass account, the license plate photograph goes to processing and a violation is sent to whomever the car is registered to. Defebo says the photographs are only used to send toll violations-- and again if the vehicle info is connected to an active E-ZPass account, I'm told the photograph is immediately deleted.

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